ProZone Golf: 20+ years experience as a clubmaker and was a student of the famous Ted Lockie of North Palm Beach, Florida. Ted pioneered the shaft spining process and was first to develop the roller bearing spine finder and incorporating this technology with a flex board. Prior to Ted passing away, we purchased the perfected roller bearing flex board, precision FCM frequency analyzer, loft and lie machine, and many key items from Ted’s shop on Old Dixie Highway.

We continue the spining and puring process with low torque Sandvik titanium shafts, AJ Tech, Penley, Harrison, and other premier graphites. Prozone Golf acquired secret data on spine placement and flo that the industry was unaware of at the time.

Throughout the years our knowledge of the golf shaft and its orientation in regards to straight, draw, and fade setups with top shaft choices and prime heads, has developed superior ball flight.

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Limited list for golf club fitting services, prices vary. Please contact us for more details:

Reshaft – Bore-Thru Style Wood/Iron – Steel Shaft
Reshaft – Bore-Thru Style Wood/Iron – Graphite Shaft
Reshaft – Standard or Blind Bore Wood – Steel Shaft
Reshaft – Standard or Blind Bore Wood – Graphite Shaft
Reshaft Standard Bore Iron Shaft – Steel Shaft
Reshaft Standard Bore Iron Shaft – Graphite Shaft
  • Removal of broken shaft at the hosel: $5.00 to $10.00 depending on difficulty
Add if grip to be saved
Remove existing shaft only
(Graphite shafts are not guaranteed to be reusable)
Removal of broken shaft 4″ or more above hosel
Repair shaft rattle
Repair loose head
Re-epoxy shaft in head
Check Specifications of existing clubs
Buff, grind… $5.00 minimum (NOT recommended for forged heads)
Extend club length – graphite – no more than 2″
Extend club length – steel – no more than 2″
Shorten club length – graphite or steel

Things To Remember on Fittings

  • Some clubs (Ping, Callaway, TaylorMade, and some others) have special adaptors that are somewhat expensive and these will be added to the price of reshafting.
  • On irons, especially the shorter irons, if the club is lengthened or shortened, the lie angle will change and must be adjusted.
  • Shafts broken off at the hosel or with less than 6″ of shaft above the hosel is an extra charge.
  • New shafts will be SPINED and FLOed if the customer desires. This may mean that the logo on a graphite shaft will not be directly on the top or bottom when the club is in the setup position. SPINING AND FLOing is a procedure that finds the most favorable position of the shaft in relationship to the clubhead to give the most accurate shots for individual needs.

Prozone golfprozone golf

prozone golf

At Prozone Golf we do in depth personal interviews for your individual fitting with operation of club observations. We take into account the following: age, weight, height, body measurements: wrist to floor, hand length, longest finger, gender, dominant hand, dominant eye, current golf ball usage, golf ball change, handicap, swing speed, gripping strength, personal swing tendencies, typical trajectory, shape of shot, shaft flex, current ball flight, desired ball flight, average driver distance, desired trajectory, player personality type/mental attitude, grip color, grip size diameter, grip material, number of fairway woods, current iron trajectory, desired iron trajectory, iron carry distance, preferred clubs, current longest iron, preferred shaft material steel or graphite, number of wedges, most lofted wedge, divot depth, course conditions, stroke type: straight, slight arc, strong arc, individual postures, putting posture, upright conventional crouched, putting performance, alignment aids: minimal, standard, prominent, face angle: open, square, closed, bulge and roll. Prozone Golf, get fitted like the pros.


Prozone Golf are the experts with the full service of golf club fitting for individuals. Prozone Golf can meet all your club fitting needs including your clubs such as drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons sets, individual irons, wedges and putters. We offer the most complete custom golf club fitting which includes club re-shafting and servicing older, newer, and unused clubs. The master craftsmen at Prozone Golf provide services in these areas of golf club fitting: re-shafting, loft and lie adjustments, spine and flo, and will modify club lengths to suit your individual needs, and more. We have been in the business for over 24 years and you can depend on us for your golf club fitting needs! The cost is lower than you think…and your game deserves it.